March Faves

I lost my blogging and, to be honest, my photography mojo for a while there. For some reason it felt like hard work taking pictures in March – but looking back on it, I have quite a few shots that I consider share-worthy so here they are!

There was rollerskating:
There was exploring:
Abberton Nature Reserve
There was a family cycling expedition:
Alton Water Cycling Outing
There was practicing cartwheels:
There was running along the shore:
Felixstowe Ferry
There was flying of kites:
Kiting practice
There was finding out about making linen in Saxon times:
Making linen - Craeftiga at Sutton Hoo
There was drawing:
Making comics
There was baking:
There was tobogganing at her birthday party:
Tobogganing party
There were eight candles:
Birthday Party
There was painting:
And there were the flowers that I treated myself to:

This post is part of a blog circle with a group of photographers sharing their favourite recent shots. Next up, hop over to Clare’s blog.


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