{CM} 4/52 Sign of the times

It’s another thought provoking prompt this week, we’re trying to get an image of something which represents ‘now’. Something that won’t be around in 10 or 15 years. I initially thought of the pace of technological change, how even our brand new gadgets will seem hopelessly outdated soon enough, but I’ll admit the thought of yet another picture of child using iPad didn’t really appeal…

Then, on our way out to a club, I realised that my daughter’s scooter was perfect for the prompt. These micro scooters are the current fad (long-lived as fads go, though). Loads of the kids have them for getting around on, and they’re even starting to make the news as the latest menace! But I’m sure there’ll be something newer and more exciting before 2025. And, of course, my kids will be teenagers and will have moved on from scooting to school with mum carrying their bags …


Now head over to Karen to see her sign of the times!


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