{CM} 3/52 | Your Favourite

This week’s prompt was rather open to interpretation – which I think actually made it harder! There’s a lot of subjects I could go for here – favourite colour, favourite restaurant (although that’d be tough!), favourite meal…

It came to me on Saturday though that one of my favourite things to watch, follow and learn about has always been the weather and (at this time of year, at least) my favourite weather type is snow! We very rarely get ‘proper’ snow, and we’ve all been waiting impatiently for the first flakes of the season after seeing none at all last year! They came in the form of a (very!) brief flurry – only a few minutes – but we got outside as fast as we could and made the most of trying to catch them!

Catching snowflakes

Your next favourite is at Everyday Eyecandy.


5 thoughts on “{CM} 3/52 | Your Favourite

  1. Well you made the most of those few minutes, both for fun and for photography! We have barely had any snow yet this winter in Virginia either, but usually get a couple of good snowfalls in late winter. In fact, we seem to always get snow around the first day of spring! 😀


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