{CM} 2/52 | House on Fire

This week’s prompt was a tough one. It lead me to think about what ‘things’ in my home were so important that I would want to save them were some disaster to befall my house. I pretty much came to the conclusion that as long as my family was safe, I’m good. There are no heirlooms, my photos are all safe digitally.

If I had foreknowledge and time to get things safe, obviously I’d rescue lots of my belongings but it’s all just stuff and I certainly wouldn’t risk harm to anyone to save it.

So, what to take a photo of? I decided to take a picture of my daughter’s ‘bedtime bears’, both of them bought by their uncle when they were tiny. They’re tatty, grubby and are both losing their hats. They don’t even necessarily make it off the floor at bedtime, but they’re always around somewhere nearby. My girls wouldn’t be devastated to lose them, but it would be a shame as they’re ‘so old’ (quote from a seven-year old!). So, here they are – this is Betsy (the elder by a couple of years) and Betsy Blue.


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