Weekly Faves: 29 Dec – 4 Jan

Happy New Year! This was a school holiday week so I got to spend lots of time with my favourite girls, and without all the rushing around of Christmas. We’re still waiting for snow – kiddos are quite put out about that, not quite getting the maritime climate – and the weather is see-sawing between beautiful sunny, crisp, cold days and dull, grey, cold days. Thankfully managed to arrange my time to be outside on the correct ones…

We took a trip into town to spend Christmas money – got a few books, earrings but they had no skateboards… We stopped by the playground in the park on the way home, pleased to see that this old favourite slide has been moved into the new improved play area.

dec 29 | Swirly slide

New Years Eve was the quiet affair enjoyed by so many parents (who am I kidding, I was hardly a party animal before!), but we enjoyed watching the fireworks from various cities as they celebrated midnight and working out which segment of the world was in 2015 already.

dec 31 ¦ watching the new year roll around the globe

One of the sunny days saw us visiting a nature reserve at a reservoir. There were very few birds, but the playground was amazing!

Jan 2 | Tree house

Quite a lot of this happened. They love the lego games and are currently having fun playing the Batman version, even though they both always want to be Wonder Woman. All the time.

jan 3 | I'm Batman

Finally, we took a trip up to the riverside village of Waldringfield in Suffolk to walk along the river and get a pub lunch. It was a stunningly beautiful winters day with big blue skies and mirror calm water. And lunch was great too.

Jan 4 | River Deben
River Deben

Although I am trying to shoot daily, I’m using my phone quite a bit and trying to remember to upload to instagram. If you want to see more of my images, you can see them there or (for mostly ‘real’ camera shots) on flickr.

Your next stop on our blog circle this week is at Clare Ahalt Photography.



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