Weekly Faves: Dec 22 – 28

So, Christmas week. Always a busy one, but we managed to retain a state of calm this year. Except for the kids, they were a bit excited…

We were really lucky that it was a beautiful week, with crisp and cold winter weather (that’s UK cold, I’m know that that’s nothing to what some of you experience in the winter!) and we were able to entertain ourselves with lots of outings between all the baking that didn’t get done last week.

We spent Christmas Eve in London, walking through the Royal Parks, spotting Paddington Bears and visiting the ‘Winter Wonderland’ in Hyde Park with it’s fantastic Ice Kingdom. As you can imaging, there were quite a few pictures taken – but I managed to narrow it down to these:

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Paddington and Tourists (they all had tourists!) – this one was designed by David Beckham


The Ice Kingdom

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park - Ice Kingdom

Christmas day was spent with family, after presents we went out on a walk along the shore of the estuary of the River Stour where some paddling and climbing of trees happened.

Christmas morning teamwork

Later in the day, lots of this happened …

Christmas Day lego

Boxing day was another lovely day:

Misty Morning

At the weekend, we visited the beautiful Ickworth House for more exploring and lots of cracking of ice on the puddles:

Cracking the ice

Your next scheduled stop on the blog circle is with Nikki at Nikki Jean Photography but if you get a chance, stop by to see Vicky – she had to get her post up early this week so wasn’t able to link in with the circle.

See you next year! Enjoy the celebrations if you’re celebrating 🙂


4 thoughts on “Weekly Faves: Dec 22 – 28

  1. These are lovely, Jude! I love seeing England through your photos…that last photos is gorgeous! The lighting is beautiful! Thanks for linking over to my post!! I appreciate the love! 🙂


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