Autumn Days: November

November always makes me think of crisp, cool days – and then the reality is often dank and drizzly. This was definitely the case this year, but we’ve made the most of it with plenty of fun outings!

Bonfire Night is a great British tradition that we always enjoy – this year we were invited to a party in a friends garden with an actual bonfire (which cooked the baked potatoes perfectly black and crispy), sparklers and fireworks.

A visit to Flatford, a beautiful old village on the River Stour in Suffolk

A walk in the woods hunting for autumn colour – it’s been a bit of later starter this year…

Skateboarding home from school

Some crochet to make wrist warmers now that the temperature’s dropping

An afternoon walk by the river followed by a stop in a pub where we found marshmallows to toast over the open fire – yum!

The first frosty mornings (pretty, but I don’t appreciate having to scrape the ice off the car!)

Finally, back to Flatford for their Christmas event, we met Santa (who was wandering around the cafe), learnt all about Tudor medicine (which was gross and completely fascinated the kids) and made table decorations.

So, that was November! I’m going to be doing things a little differently as we head into December as I’m joining in with a blog circle that is being set up by some friends. Back soon with the first instalment of Weekly Faves.


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